All tests are performed under strict GMP guidelines and span a complete A-Z of pharmaceutical analytics for raw materials and more.


EL Labs operate as an FDA-inspected, GMP/MIA-certified, quality control laboratory for human and veterinary medicinal APIs, excipients, intermediates, finished products, packaging materials and water. We offer a wide range of physical-chemical, microbiological, and biological services in accordance with ICH guidelines,applicable pharmacopoeia (EU, USP, BP) or manufacturers indications. As a GMP-certified testing site we offer:

  • Method validations or verification and analytical method transfers.
  • Quality control testing of pharmaceutical raw materials, active substances, and excipients.
  • Routine batch testing for the release into the EU market of batches of drugs produced in third countries.
  • Stability studies of medicinal products including storage and stability testing.
  • Testing of waters for pharmaceutical purposes.
  • And more..

A complete list of testing services can be provided upon request, and include the following services for pharmaceutical clients:

Physical-chemical analyses

  • Identification tests – by IR, TLC, HPLC, GC
  • API assays by HPLC with multiple detectors (DAD, UV-VIS, RI), GC/FID, GC/MS, UV/VIS, AAS, titration
  • Substance content by HPLC, GC, LC-ionex, titration, Kjeldahl
  • Related substances identification and quantification by GC/FID, GC/MS, HPLC, LC/MS, TLC
  • Residual solvents by GC (organic volatile impurities)
  • Physical determinations – pH, viscosity, absorbance and transmittance, density, optical rotation, conductivity,refractive index, melting point, osmolality
  • Peroxide value, iodine value, saponification value, free fatty acids
  • Dosage uniformity, average weight
  • Water content by Karl Fisher, loss on drying, ash
  • Elemental impurities and heavy metal limit tests by ICP-AES/OES, ICP-MS, AAS-F, AAS-AMA, AAS-HG, AAS-ETA
  • Anions by Ion chromatography
  • Solid oral dosage tests, disintegration, dissolution, hardness, friability
  • Particulate matter, visible and sub-visible particles
  • Particle size, suspension particle morphology by microscopy

Microbiological testing

  • Sterility testing by membrane filtration method (Ph.Eur. 2.6.1)
  • Microbial counting of non-sterile drug products and raw materials (TAMC, TYMC)
  • Tests on specified microorganisms: Gram-negative bile-tolerant bacteria, E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Clostridia, Candida albicans
  • Process environment analysis (cross-contamination, rinse water from cleaning process, swabbing surfaces)
  • Aqua Purificata and dialysis waters testing
  • Bacterial Endotoxins Testing (BET) by gel cloth or kinetic turbidimetric methods
  • And much more..

Looking for more? We offer a range of comprehensive solutions:


All tests are performed under strict GMP guidelines and span a complete A-Z of pharmaceutical analytics for raw materials and more.


From industrial chemicals to cosmetics, particle size to the determination of bacteria, if you’re looking for analysis, we’re your partner for success.


From complex water analysis to expert consultation, our comprehensive range of services span the whole spectrum of testing.

Food & Feeds

Testing for all food and feed types. From drinks to meat and dairy products, and from dried fruit and vitamin supplements to animal feed.


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